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401(k) Consulting

Our 401k services are designed to help you, the business owner, is several ways. Most plan advisors focus on the 3Fs (Fees, Funds, Fiduciary). They help you manage plan costs, building an investment lineup and making sure the investment menu is reviewed. While these are critical considerations to running a compliant retirement plan, there is much more that plan advisors can, and should, be doing. While your 401(k) plan must be managed for the benefits of the plan participants, there are 3 stakeholder groups that we've built our retirement plan services around.

  1. Plan Participants
  2. Human Resources professionals and operations staff
  3. Business Owner

Plan Participants

  1. Reduce financial stress for your employees
  2. Empower your employees financially
  3. Retirement Readiness

Our aim is to reduce the friction caused by financial stress so that all of your employees can focus on the same company goals, whether its expanding your service reach, launching a new product or adding key talent. Either way, you need all hands on deck.  Our purpose is to make sure financial stress isn't holding your company back.

Human Resources

We know that Human Resources professionals have a lot on their plate.  From hiring and retaining talented people, driving employee engagement, and furthering the strategic objectives of the company, your HR and management staff don't have time or energy to get bogged down in mundane retirement plan details. And they certainly can't worry about crossing the fiduciary line when employees ask them questions about the plan.

We've created a process that is meant to take as much of the day-to-day work off their plate so they can focus on the important tasks. We have a clear onboarding process that demonstrates the steps we take to shoulder the burden from your team. See our CompliancePro™ 401(k) Consulting page for more details.

Business Owners

As the leader of the organization, you've set up a retirement plan because you care about your people. You might also be disappointed that your plan hasn't delivered on the promise of an 'employee benefit'.  From less-than-optimal participation, to lost productivity, absenteeism and turnover, your employees haven't gotten the most out of your retirement plan.  Then there's the time your HR and operations staff spend on the plan. 

For many business owners, their retirement plan is a necessary evil. We created our 401(k) services to help your employees, your HR and you! 

The battle for talented people is a key issue for many organizations and we designed our services with that in mind.  How do we help?

We know that financial stress impacts productivity and increases absenteeism and turnover. All of these things impact your bottom line, and ultimately, the value of your company. Organizations that are unable to attract and retain great people struggle to move forward.  The price of hiring and training new team members costs anywhere from 0.5x-2x annual salary each time you go through this process.  But the pernicious aspect of turnover is that the organization is distracted from its forward-looking strategic goals.  So this isn't just a hard cost issue but also an opportunity issue.  When the day comes for you to exit your business, the potential buyers may discount your business if you're company isn't operating a peak levels. We created the Aegis Wealth RetireReady 401k Academy™ to help alleviate those issues.

Another area we can help you retain and attract talent is through our knowledge of executive and management compensation.  Check out of our Key Employee Compensation Planning for details.

At Aegis Wealth Partners, we are committed to transforming your retirement plan into an employee and employer benefit. Let's schedule a time to talk