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Aegis Wealth RetireReady 401k Academy

We know that attracting and retaining talented people is important to you.  After all, that's why you offer a retirement plan. You care about your employees and want them to be successful and that's what employee benefits are for.  

More than ever, Americans are falling behind financially and bringing that stress into the workplace.  The results are lost productivity, increased absenteeism and turnover.  All these things hold your team back and lower the value of your biggest asset: your company!

What we are seeing more and more is an employee benefit that is failing too many Americans and failing the company that sponsors these benefits.  Its time to bring value back to your employees and to you, the business owner.  

We view 401ks not just as an employee benefit, but also an employer benefit.  If your 401k plan and advisor aren't delivering on the promise of an 'employee benefit' then you aren't realizing the full potential of the plan. To us at Aegis Wealth Partners, a 401k plan should be both an employee benefit as well as an employer benefit.

We've created a propriety method of increasing the effectiveness of your 401k plan.  The Aegis Wealth RetireReady Academy™ is how we partner with businesses to deliver the goal of attracting and retaining talent. The Academy was born when we saw that despite generous benefits, employees increasingly struggled with their finances and brought that stress to work. 

For our 401(k) plan participant clients who want to work more closely with our advisors, we provide discounted financial planning engagements.  Go to the Plan Participants tab and learn more about our in-depth services.